Coll Recycling Group


RecyColl now has it's own active website 

April 2014

Subsequent to the Group gaining The Old Hall a project has begun, details of which will be elaborated upon in a regular publishing of The RecyColl News.

However, The Old Hall is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-15 to 11-15. Juliet, in whose care The Old Hall now is, will be happy to accept your recycling...and bear in mind she is working towards a Charity Shop in The Old Hall so anything you have that would be useful in that regard would be very welcome too.

The imploder is working and providing cullet so if you would like some please see Julian.
The composter is at The Old Hall in it's new compound and soon the community should profit from supplies of compost on demand! See Juliet.
Recycling generally is going from strength to strength with amazing quantities being collected. In order to keep up with the volume generated, various additions and tweaks are being worked on.

As ever, there is always a welcome for anyone wanting to get involved in any aspect of RecyColl.

September 2013

Having been awarded a lease to the Old Village Hall The Coll Recycling Group are now  anticipating many developments in the scope of their activities.

At present the inevitable paperwork is going on to get Change of Use Planning Permission so the Hall is being used as a storage area and table top sale area as prescibed by the Planners until full permissions have been granted.



The Committee of the  'COLL RECYCLING GROUP' are:-

  • Julian Senior, Chairman
  • Paula Smalley, Vice-Chairman
  • Lisa Carr, Secretary
  • Liza Bourne, Treasurer
  • Fra Macintyre
  • Ella Smalley
  • Mairi Hedderwick
  • Keisha Ann Down
  • Pauline White
  • co-opted:
  • Andy Milton
  • Andrew Peddie (Composting)
  • Emma Grant (Financial responsibility)                                                            Coll re-cycling centreNew members always welcome.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING 23rd November at 7-30pm in The Island Cafe' 

all welcome and the Agenda can be viewed on the Vllage notice board

The new system of handling Coll's recycling is now under way so the meetings would be a good opportunity to find out how it works and ask questions generally.

The Planning Application for the Recycling Group's shed is  approved and the shed has been ordered. Hopefully, the shed will be erected by the end of September. Once this is done the glass bank will be moved to one end of the shed where it will be easily accessible from the road and path, opposite Craigdarroch. Bottles will be dropped into the bank as usual and the imploder operator will have access from the back of the shed to open the back end of the bank and pull the bottles into the shed for imploding. This will be worth a watch for sure! Unique! The shed is being made to accomodate this operation. The shed will also be used to store recycling as it progresses from compound to Cliad and then Tiree. The problem with the present arrangement, without storage, is that the clearing of the compound can only be done in dry weather and when the recyclate can be transported immediately, due to our committment to clean and dry recyclate as per requirements. The shed will be the first facility of this sort the Group has had ...and I bet it won't be long before a kettle finds it's way in! (Electricity supply being sorted.)

The Recycling Group has provided a comprehensive start to recycling on Coll over the past five years and have many other attainments in mind.

       These are some of the achievements thus far:-

Scap cars leaving the island59 scrap cars removed since July 2007. 16 Tonnes of agricultural bale wrap removed in June 2008 and sent to Solway Recycling (next batch due to go soon).1 wheelie bin full, per week, newsprint shredded and used as animal bedding then compost. Rope and fishing netting collected for inclusion in next bale wrap collection. 1.5 tonnes per year of plastic bottles and the same weight of metal cans banked at the village compound, these trasnsported to Oban on a voluntary basis by Neil Morrison. 400 household batteries taken annually from the compound's bank to Moleigh. Numerous beach 'hot spots' cleaned by Group members, Islanders and Project Trust volunteers with uplift by Argyll and Bute Council.               

The immediate future is going to be occupied by the installation and commencing use of The Glass Imploder. Once going, the Imploder will provide 'cullet' which has an unending list of uses. Thought of and not yet thought of! The machine takes a bucket of bottles and rather than exploding, implodes. This results in smooth pellets in a choice of sizes. Uses include track and path repairs (helping to fill the gap left by not having access to a quarry any longer), greenhouse sump...whereby the cullet is laid beneath the soil where it holds the heat of the day far longer than the soil itself giving a warmer temperature at night resulting in more crops. There are many decorative uses and artists are waiting to get their hands on some cullet. It is thought that it could deter slugs and snails and therefore piling around stems or used as a 'mulch' is an exercise many are keen to get started on. It is also possible to implode old china and use in similar ways to glass and also large amounts of shell. This in particular being a great slug/snail deterrent.So, saving clam shells and such like could be a new recycling drive! There is information to be had regarding cullet use in concrete also as another strand. The imploder has been used extensively over the past few years as a space saver on board Naval and Cruise ships, Lundy Island has used it for some years to repair their 'Mountain' road ( ) and many hospitality outlets also use it as a space saver. Coll may be trail blazing here with multi use possibilities.

The plan is to build a shed  to house the Imploder and receive glass, on the three cornered field next to the Fire Station. The end of the shed would face Craigdarroch and have slots to feed the glass into, an easy spot to pull up and deposit straight from a vehicle, and not out of the way for those on foot. The front of the shed would be accessed through the same gate as the allotmenters. Any hard surfacing needed to make this easily operated should not be a problem. The Imploder does make a noise when operated but would only be used once a week generally and it is thought for only a couple of hours. The noise is not constant of course, more of a momentary rattle. The site in the middle of the village is thought to be the place where the machine is least likely to be heard domestically.The Imploder is now residing temporarily at The Pottery awaiting the building of the shed. The shed's base is being laid and the construction will begin soon after that.

Coll re-cycling bottle bankIn the meantime though, please do continue to use the compound ,card bank and bottle bank . Remember that all the paper that goes into the compound bin is taken to Arileod where it is shredded and used as cattle bedding. Then on as compost. Anyone wanting a bag of shredded paper can always contact Arileod.

It was decided between Coll Community Council and The Coll Recycling Group that from henceforth all matters relating to  Refuse Collections on Coll would remain within the Council's remit and that all matters concerning Recycling would become the responsibility of The Coll Recycling Group. Therefore, anyone with queries regarding Recycling should contact one of the above Committee Members.