Visit Coll - a guide to the Isle of Coll, the inner Hebrides, Scotland
Coll, a Dark-Sky Island

Golf on the Isle of Coll

There is a golf links near Cliad. Location.

Situated on Cliad Farm less than three miles from Arinagour COLL GOLF COURSE is a little nine hole course with its own special charm. It has been in existence since around 1975 and has gradually been extended and improved over the years. Visitors are very welcome to play.

The golf course is open for only a limited period each year, usually from the beginning of May until around the end of September (though the season might be extended or shortened depending on weather conditions). The club has very few members and operates on a very restricted budget so while we try our best, we cannot guarantee that you will be playing on pristine fairways and greens all of the time - but when it is playable it is an experience you won’t forget.

Getting to the golf course is easy. Leave Arinagour taking the right fork at the bottom of the hill opposite the new community hall (An Cridhe). Travel along the road until you reach a T junction. Turn left and travel about 500 metres until you see the first tee on your right hand side at the crest of a small hill. You can park by the side of the road at the gate to the field. Remember to close all gates behind you as the golf course is on farm land.

There is no clubhouse, no steward and no starter so it is very informal and relies on the honesty of players. If you want to play please pay in advance at the Coll Hotel where a large bottle sits on the bar into which you pay your green fees*. The fees payable are as follows:

Annual membership

  • Adult (16 and over) £35
  • Child 15 and under) £10
  • Family (maximum 4) £40

Weekly membership

  • Adult £15
  • Child £5
  • Family (maximum 4) £30

Daily membership

  • Adult £10
  • Child under 15 £3
  • Family (maximum 4) £20

* When you pay, please leave a note of your name in the bottle along with the amount you have paid. All the money collected goes towards the upkeep of the course and pays for equipment, repairs, petrol and diesel so by paying the fees you are helping to sustain the golf course and to keep it going as a source of enjoyment for visitors and locals alike.

It is possible to hire clubs by contacting David Moore but this facility is only available when he is on the island. Ask in the hotel to see if he is on Coll and how to contact him.