A guide to the Isle of Coll
Inner Hebrides, Scotland

A 'main' road on Coll

Driving on the Isle of Coll

The roads on Coll are all single lane with passing places, although there is one 10m (yes, 10m as in metre, not mile) stretch of dual-carriageway near the top of the island!. Whilst driving is usually free of hassle, please remember that locals sometimes need to travel a bit faster than sightseeing speeds. The people who live here are not on holiday!

Please use passing places to allow others to overtake.

Should you see a car either behind you or coming towards you with flashing headlights travelling atypically fast - it is probably one of the volunteer fire-fighters, volunteer coastguards, the nurse or the doctor on a real emergency.
Please get out of their way. Unlike the mainland, they do not have blue, yellow or green flashing beacons on their cars.

Off-road Driving
Should you bring a 4x4 to Coll please remember that driving off road means you are driving over someone else's property and leaving the public highway is usually illegal. Much of the off-road on Coll is environmentally sensitive ground and it is suggested you follow the sound advise of Alexei Sayle (Cak, 1982)and keep your 4x4 driving for Tesco's carpark.

The fuel station in ArinagourPetrol and Diesel
There is a fuel station is Arinagour (Location) which has limited opening hours. It sells unleaded petrol and diesel only. It also stocks a basic range of engine oils and other car fluids. It takes credit/debit cards and cash (no cheques).
The fuel station is a community project run on a non profit basis and fuel is typically 20p - 50p dearer than the mainland. If you need fuel out of normal opening hours there is a nominal charge for a call out.