A guide to the Isle of Coll
Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Cycling on the Isle of Coll

Cycling on Coll can be quite the experience. The single track roads and lack of traffic makes it very safe. Consequently, many come to Coll with bicycles either as their sole means of transport, bring them on their car or hire them here.

Collachs wish to promote this healthy activity - but please consider the following:-

  • Our roads are proper roads and the rules of a highway still apply. One is supposed to cycle on the left especially when meeting other traffic.
  • When a group of cyclists stop for a car to pass it is much safer if ALL the cyclists go to the SAME side of the road. By doing so the car/van/lorry can go off the tarmac a little and give YOU more room.
  • The emergency services here do not have special vehicles or flashing lights. Please give way to anyone driving abnormally quickly with headlights flashing. They may be in the fire or coastguard service, the doctor or nurse. Please get out of their way on the correct side of the road so they may pass quickly and without danger.

Bicycles travel free on CalMac ferries but cannot be carried on Highland Airways flights to and from Coll.

Unlike leaflets issued on a neighbouring island, and their adverts on CalMac ferries, saying cyclists should stop and dismount when traffic approaches, the webmaster of this site wishes to remind all that cyclists have equal rights on the road. Motorists and cyclists should respect and give way to each other. Please contact the Cyclists' Touring Club for advise on this topic.