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Coll, a Dark-Sky Island
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28 Jul 2014
Date posted
25 Jul 2014

The Fishing Competition will start at 7pm on Monday 28th July from the middle pier, Arinagour.

The best presented boat will be at 6:30pm.

All boats to be back at the middle pier by 9pm.

Registration is £10 per boat, please register your boat at Island stores.

Fishing for tiddlers and adults from the Big Pier after the start of the Boat Competition.

The best dressed boat will be judged from the middle pier at  6:45pm before the fishing competition gets underway, 1st prize 1.5 Litre bottle of whisky plus The Coll Hotel Trophy, 2nd prize a bottle of whisky.

Coll Fishing Competition Rules

1.   The competition will run from 7 pm to 9 pm and entry fee is £10.  The start is at the Middle Pier and finish at the Middle Pier.  Owners of large and/or fast craft should pay due heed to other competitors.  Any boat causing a dangerous wake or being driven without due consideration for others may be disqualified.  Small boats are advised to start from close to the pier and larger vessels further out. 
2.   At the end of the event a FIVE MINUTE warning rocket will be fired at 2055. A FULL TIME rocket will be fired at 2100.  Any boat arriving at the middle pier after the 2100 rocket will not be allowed to enter their catch.
3.   A maximum of three people will be allowed in each boat and of these one MUST be a visitor (for example a boat crewed by only two must still have a minimum of one visitor).  The three people will be a Skipper, a Mate and a Visitor.    A Visitor will be anyone not resident in Coll, not a house owner in Coll or not a native of Coll.   A Mate and /or skipper may be a visitor or a local. 
4.   The Skipper/Mate of each boat will be responsible for delivering the total catch to the weighing area at the pier.
5.   The Skipper of each boat will be responsible for obtaining an entry form from Neil Morrison at Island Stores
6.   The heaviest fish (local and visitor) will be handed in for weighing.
7.   Only feather ‘darrows’ may be used for catching fish.  Spare darrows may be carried on all boats.
8.   No electronic devices such as echo locators, fish finders etc., may be used.
9.   The permitted fishing area will be between Eilean na h-Aornan ( GR 256 593) and Arnesgeir (Bogha-Mor) (GR 216 543).
10.   Any boat, in the opinion of the Committee, in breach of any of the above rules will be ineligible for ANY award in each of the categories. 
11.   The skipper of each boat will be responsible for the safety and insurance of his boat and the crew therein.  The Committee accepts no responsibility for the safety of boats or people onboard. 

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COLL SHOW 2014 Event Date
7 Aug 2014
Date posted
28 Jul 2014

The annual Coll Show will take place at the Community Centre on Thursday 7th August. More information can be found here

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20 Aug 2014
Date posted
17 Mar 2014

Coll of the Sharks Festival is the annual Basking Shark festival based on the Isle of Coll. With the idillic Hebridean waters surrounding Coll being the main Scottish (and possible worldwide) hotspot for basking sharks, where better to have a shark festival! 6 days of shark and marine based events, for enthusiasts, adults, kids, locals and visitors alike.

Thursday 20th August 2014 - Tue 26th August 2014

During the festival you can take boat trips to see or swim with the sharks and other wildlife. Scuba diving trip are being organised so you can sample some of the underwater delights of the Hebrides, snorkelling trip with the local seals, land based island tours, sunset trips and self guided tours of the island can also be taken.

The showpiece event is a guest speaker presentation evening, which is happening on the Saturday night in the An Cridhe hall. The evening will bring locals and visitors together to the home of Scottish basking sharks!

For more information please see

Coll of the Sharks Festival

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23 Jun 2014

The Coll Association will be hosting an array of events over the summer.  These events are open to everyone and it would be great to see you all there.  This year the schedule of events are: Summer Quiz with David Moore at An Cridhe on the 16th of July at 7pm, the Coll Bingo at An Cridhe on the 23rd of July at 6.30pm, the Beach Football will be held on the 26th of July and a new entry is the Petanque Tournament - this date has still to be decided and will be weather permitting!

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COLL GOLF CLUB 2014 Date posted
20 Jun 2014

Coll Golf Course is open for play from June 1st 2014 until the end of August. Fees are payable at the Coll Hotel bar where bar staff will point you in the direction of the collection bottle which displays the various charges or you can pay David Moore directly. Everything is based on trust and if you need clubs there are two sets (which can be subdivided) in the shed near the first tee which you can borrow for a donation to the club - just put a little extra into the bottle at the bar! Competitions this year begin with the Members' Cup (17th - 20th July), the Coll Open (Thursday 24th July), the Campbell Scramble (Sunday 27th July) and the Vita Stableford (Thursday 31st July). Full details are on posters in the hotel, Island Stores and The Guest House.

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