In praise of plants - flora on Coll

Flora of the Isle of Coll

The flora of Coll is quite exotic, diverse and exciting. It is, without doubt, a main attraction of Coll and brings many visitors to the island.

Orchids may be the magnet for some but for many it's just the vast spectacle of un spoilt machair that borders much of the coast and beaches.

For the more budding botanist, Coll has some exciting speciality species. Pipewort Eriocaulon aquaticum can be found in some of the more remote lochans and in 2004 Spotted Rock-rose Tuberaria guttata was discovered, the only record of this plant in Scotland. Elsewhere amongst the bogs you may find Irish Lady's-tresses Spiranthes romanzoffiana, one of Coll's more secret orchids.

Even visitors having little interest in flowers will gasp at the colours, acres of sand dunes covered with vivid purples and blues and yellows....

A full photographic guide to the Wild Flowers of Coll and Tiree (left) has been produced by the two island communities and is available in the Post Office or on-line here

For interest, the latest Rare Plants Register for Mid Ebudes - Mull, Coll and Tiree has been released

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