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  •  Convenor:-  Vacant
  •  Secretary:- Pat Graham, 01 879 230374, Garden House, IOC
  •  Tresurer:- Vacant
  •  Kenny Macintrye, 01 879 230473, 11 Carnan Road, Arinagour, IOC
  •  Louis Romeo, 01 879 230493, 17 Carnan Road, Aringagour, IOC
  •  Julian Senior, 01 879 230488, First Port of Coll, IOC
  •  Rob Wainwright, 01 879 230208, Cliad, IOC
  •  Three Vacancies


5th October 2015 An Cridhe at 19.30hrs (7.30 p.m.) SPECIAL MEETING REGARDING SUMMER TIMETABLE ON THE FERRIES. Colation of feed back from open house meeting in the cafe on 28th September.

14th October 2015. Main Hall of An Cridhe at 19.30 hrs (7.30 p. m)


What is a complaint

Complaints made to a Community Council are likely to be in relation to action or lack of action taken by a Community Council collectively: procedural issues such as a departure from standing orders or the agreed constitution or else could relate to the conduct of an individual community councillor. It is important that the Community Council has an agreed procudure in place to deal with any complaints made and this is a requirement of the current Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils

While each Community Council is free to adopt their own tailored camplaints procedure, it is important that any procedure adopted consists, at the very least, of the following steps:-

1. Acknowledge complaint and intimate to complainant when and where they can expect their complaint to be discussed.

2. Place copy of the complaint on the agenda for the nexy scheduled meeting.

3. The terms of the complaint should be discussed in full and in public when it would be expected that an appropriate            resolution can be reached by the majority of community councillors present.

4. Irrespective of whether or not the complaint was present at the meeting, written confirmation regarding the outcome of the meeting should be sent to the complainant setting out what decision has been reached, any changes in procedure agreed as a consequence of the complaint and if appropriate an apology. The written confirmation should also set out that should the complainant remain dissatisfied by the response provided, they have the right to refer their complaint to Argyll and Bute Council who will consider whether to investigate the matter further.

Key principles when attending to complaints:-

1. All community councillors should be familiar with the complaints procedure on the basis that any community councillor could potentially receive a complaint (particularly important if there is an issue with conduct of an individual rather than a collective complaint). If the complaint is about an office bearer, it would be benefical to have an agreement that the person who is in receipt of the complaint be the person whose name is included on correspondence from the community council in regard to the complaint.

2. All complaints should be acted upon immediately - consider whether it might be necessary to set out an agreed timeframe for acknowledging the complaint within your procedure.

3. Complaints should be dealth with at the next scheduled meeting and the complainiant kept properly informed.

4. Responses must address all issues raised by the complainant.

5. The complainant must be advised of the action taken to resolved the complaint and any changes in procedures to be adopted as a derect result of the complaint.

6. If a complaint is upheld or partially upheld then the response must contain an apology.

7. The response must inform the complainant of how they might proceed if they remain dissatisfied with way in which the complaint has been handled/resolved.



The Community Council has a statutory duty to be part of Planning and Licencing. To this end we will print on this page current applications. Futher information can be found on the Argyll and Bute web site;- www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning. Individuals may either go through the system for themselves, or they can bring any concerns to the Community Council.

Week Ending 11th September 2015


Alterations and Extension to dwellinghouse

The Smithy, Arinagour, Isle of Coll,PA78 6SY

Applicant: Mrs Heather Poolman

Grid Ref. 122437 - 757145

Week Ending 28th August 2015


Erection of agricultrual building

Fearann Beag, Isle of Coll, PA78 6TE

Applicant: Mr Ian Rae

Grid Ref: 117972 - 758832


week Ending 31st July 2015


Amended access track and relocation of substation/control building to planning permission

reference 11/01915PP (retrospective)

Gallenanach Farm, Isle of Coll.

Applicant: Gallananch Green Generation Ltd

Grid Ref: 121335-760849



Variation of conditions 4,6.8, and 9 of planning permission reference 11/01915/PP in relation to site access

route, borrow pit, control building and contruction compound.

Gallenanch FarmIsle of Coll

Applicant: Gallananch Green Generation Ltd

Grid Ref: 121335-760849


Week ending 3rd July 2015


Installation of telecommunitcations cabinet

Land south east of Arinagour Farmhouse, Arinagour, Isle of Coll

Agent : Openreach, C/O The Harlequin Group. F.A.O. Mr Nick Allan, Rutland House, 5 Allen Road

            Livingston, EH54 6TQ

Grid Ref 122151 - 756826



Installation of telecommunications cabinet

Land outside Coll Free Church, Arinagour, Isle of Coll,

Agent ; Openreach, C/O The Harequin Group, F.A.O. Mr Nick Allan, Rutland House, 5 Allen Road

            Livingston, EH54 6TQ

Grid Ref 122222 - 757331


Week ending 26th June 2015


Non Material Amendment to form Crane Hardstanding, Control Building, Temporary Construction Compound,

Vehicular Access, and Amend Turbine Modal.

Applicant: Gallanach Green Generation Ltd

Site: Gallanach Farm

Grid ref: 121335 - 760849



Mary Jean Devon 

Roddy McCuish

Neil MacIntyre

Alistair MacDougall




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