Birds of Coll

Birds of the Isle of Coll

Bird watchers flock to Coll, not only for the diversity the island offers but just to experience the trip across to Coll from the Sound of Mull. Here one can often see Shearwaters, Petrols, even White-tailed Sea Eagles and watch diving Gannets and auks.
Coll's speciality bird is the Corncrake, crex crex (shown below) and the R.S.P.B. has purchased a considerable part of the S. W. corner of Coll and established a bird reserve to help protect the corncrake. There is, however, a lot more to Coll than just the Corncrake, there are Melin, Hen Harrier, Divers and Twite to name just a few.

Whether you come during the breeding season or mid winter you will never be disappointed at the diversity of birds that live here, get blown here and migrate through.

For more information on the birds of Coll please view the R.S.P.B. site about Coll - here

Corncrake calling

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