A guide to the Isle of Coll
Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Beaches of Coll

The beaches of Coll are one of the hidden delights and best kept secrets of all the hebridean islands. There are approximately 23 beaches to cater for most tastes but one thing you can be sure of, there will not be busy.

There are no beaches near Arinagour so day trippers may find it difficult to get the full flavour of Coll without a long walk or bike ride. The nearest 'Coll' beach is probably Cliad Location, immediately across the other side of the island from Arinagour. The walk will be worth it, particularly when the outer isles are visible, and you are likely to see inquisitive seals, and maybe an otter.

Most beaches will show the signs of otters as they scurry to and fro the dunes after rabbits or fresh water. The early morning is always a good time to spot one.

The beaches are for you to enjoy in the way you wish.

A complete guide to all 23 of Coll's famous beaches is in preraration.