Attractions and Activities on Coll

Attraction and Activities on the Isle of Coll

The Isle of Coll isn't geared up for 'attractions and activities' as you may know on the mainland or larger islands such as Mull or Skye. Coll is back to basics and back to nature.
The only organised activities are a weekly (summer only) guided walk by the RSPB warden and sailing with the Coll Sailing Club where visitors are most welcome - more here.

If you're looking for anything other than 'there is nothing to do' you may, unfortunately, be looking at the wrong island.
To assist you in your activity-free holiday the island also has no tourist information centre or interpretation panels to help hold your hand - or spoil the landscape. This is how everywhere was once upon a time, and long may it remain this way...........

The only "guides" are three identical diplay panels, one at the Calmac Pier office, another at the middle pier in Arinagour (by the toilets) and the final one by the hotel entrance and re-cycling centre. Here you will see a detailed map of Coll showing the popular beaches and other places of interest.

There is one leaflet called 'I Love Coll' which has been prodced by local talent. It is available for free pickup at many places including the CalMac pier office, post office and hotel. A pdf version can be downloaded from here (6 megs).

Crossapol beach

The above photo of Crossapol beach shows a typical mid-summer scene....... nothing happening at all. However, when it's raining, and, let's be honest it does sometimes, you may find there's even less to do !