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Caol IlaMy name is Tony Oliver and I run this web site in my spare time and I profoundly apologise that this is not a very interesting page!
First, this is not an 'official' site about Coll, whatever that may mean, it is my site and I'll put my hand up if you have any queries or issues. The plus side, as I see it, is that I have no one to answer to. If you don't like my site you may freely look elsewhere for inspiration about this wee island, I will not be offended.
Nothing on this site is 'law' or 'the gospel', most is just opinion or gathered information. However, I endeavour to keep information as up to date as possible but I am NOT responsible for any errors or mishaps in your travel or accommodation arrangements should anything go wrong following what you may have read, or thought you may have read, here. If you have any comments please address them to me or the author of individual pages. Comments attached to a pint (real ale please), or a large Caol Ila, will receive my utmost and preferential treatment.

I try to get as many others as possible involved in this site. E.g. John Fraser has written an excellent page about our Fire & Rescue Team, and more are being arm twisted into doing similar.

Accommodation, artisans, eating out and shop pages are written by their respective owners and they are responsible for their content and keeping their pages up to date.

Any suggestions for further content, offers of help etc are always welcome. Please feel free to contact me if you find any errors or important omissions, it's easy to miss the obvious at times.


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